Jopp Energy

Jopp Energy provides pickup and delivery services for recycled, urban wood products, such as wood pallets, source separated construction debris and more.

We provide transportation services to the renewable energy supply chain, processing and delivering urban wood scrap to companies who burn the hog fuel to create energy.  We can pick up your recyclable wood products at your place of business, your jobsite, or you can bring your wood to us, at one of our convenient locations in Tacoma, Kent, Gig Harbor or Portland, OR.

What we do:

  • Recycle urban wood products, pallets & 'source separated', urban wood
  • We take only clean wood, no paints, dyes or glues
  • Our processing facility grinds the wood into hog fuel
  • We sell the processed wood to companies who burn the wood (hog fuel), for renewable energy
  • We can bring dumpsters to your facility, and pick up on demand (Schedule a Pickup)
  • We have several drop off locations in Gig Harbor, Tacoma, Kent and Portland
  • Pricing varies from pickup truck to semi truck loads
  • We can pick up large loads of construction scrap wood,
  • If you have smaller loads, you can drop them off at one of our drop off locations
  • We have modern, efficient equipment, experienced staff, and a great safety record

Questions?  Contact Us today, and learn more about how you can start recycling your wood products.

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About Jopp Energy

About Jopp Energy

Wood recycling services

Wood Recycling Services

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What Wood Do We Accept?


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